Printing IPictures using API

A have to print from VB not using printer object (such code does not work in ocx under delphi - don't know why). I have IPicture object and i need to print it to printer device context created previously by CreateDC. I am able to print rectangles, but IPicture does not want to print (it does not appear on printer).

I use for example following code:

    hDC = CreateDC("WINSPOOL", "\\SERVER\HP LaserJet 5MP", "", 0)
    StartDoc hDC, docInf
    StartPage hDC
    printerWidth = GetDeviceCaps(hDC, HORZRES)
    printerHeight = GetDeviceCaps(hDC, VERTRES)
    '----- this rectangle does print
    Rectangle hDC, printerLeft, printerTop, printerLeft + printerWidth, printerTop + printerHeight

    '----- this does not print

    pic.Render hdc, 0, 0, printerWidth, printerHeight, 0, 0, pic.width, pic.height, Null
    EndPage hDC
    EndDoc hDC        
    DeleteDC hDC

I also tried drawing picture using StretchBlt, but didn't suceed. Picture is o.k., as i am able to save it to file using SavePicture or print it using printer object.

Can someone please tell me, how to print IPictures on device context?

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Have you seen this microsot KB article (it's 16-bit, but you can use the 32-bit api calls...)

How to Print a VB Picture Control Using Windows API Functions 



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Are you able to print a standard StdPicture object (as opposed to the IPicture)?
RudlaAuthor Commented:
StdPicture picture is just class impementing Picture (IPictureDisp) and IPicture interface. So there's no difference between StdPicture and IPicture.

RudlaAuthor Commented:
Althought I thought that this is not very helpfull, i was able to use this example. Specifically one line comment saying:

'* StretchBlt requires pixel coordinates

Thank you.
You're welcome! Thanks for the points!
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