X Windows and a LCD Display

I own a Gateway Solo 9150.  I am trying to install Red Hat 6.0 on it.  I get everything to work but the x windows display.  I read something about changing lilo.conf to say vga=792, but when I reinstalled Linux, it would not work.  Please help!
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try running xconf(or whatever other x configuration program u use)and select the correct video card and monitor resolutions -----> this is extremely important!!!!
then choose whatever x-server it tells u to choose
if it says dont use probe only dont use it.
preferably u should use X_SVGA server.
finally it will ask for confirmation to write into a file
called XF86Config say "y".
now locate this file and use any of your text editor (i use pico) and search for a line that defines your video card
"#" represents a comment.
eg # videoram 4096 remove the "#"
next type these 3 lines below this
Option "nolinear"
Option "sw_cursor"
Option "no_accel"

plz note the case of each letter and the quotes and underscores!!

thats it now save the file and type startx or whatever u use to start the gui and enjoy and welcome to linux.
should work else this is not linux!!!

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smiller_timeAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much!
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