Games on NT5

What is the status of support for games on NT5. I am interested in knowing about games like Unreal, Quake.....
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aliebrahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm running RC2, and Quake (the WinQuake free downloadable port and glQuakeWorld), Quake 2, Quake III Arena Demo Test, and Unreal Tournament Test all work correctly with NO problems at all.

I've tried Age of Empires II Demo and thats worked fine for me as well. By and large, most Win32 games work. I have some old DOS games that don't.

I'm using a Voodoo^2 for 3D, and this works fine with no problems using a hacked NT4 driver (which is downloadable from
For DOS Games i know there is a Driver VxD written for Developers who needed Direct Port access, this can many times make Older games/apps work.

i can also run more or less All my Win32 Games tho wo. DirectX Hardware acc, BUT what bothers me ALOT is Red-Alert, C&C 1 and such, The MultiPlayer feature is missing LAN etc. we have tryed to install IPX,TCP/IP etc.. none of such helps.
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