lowercase to uppercase with sed

I know you're not supposed to ask homework questions, but this is driving me crazy.  I have a file named cars.txt which contains make|model|year|milage|price.  The question is to list all lines, but capitalize the first letter of the make using only one sed command. (ford would be Ford).  This is what I have so far:  sed 's/^[a-z]/What Goes here??/' cars.txt
I can't figure out what I should put as the replacement string.  I have tried everything I can think of which leads me to believe that my mind has gone to mush and it is something really easy.  Please help!
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I can't figure it out either sdickens.

I know this is not a very elegant answer, but does this count as one sed command?
  sed "s/a/A/g;s/b/B/g;s/c/C/g;
  ;s/z/Z/g" cars.txt

It would have been easy in tr:
  tr "[a-z]" "[A-Z]" <cats.txt

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tel2, both your examples replace *all* lower case letters.
sdickens, you need to use awk or perl. Using sed and tr can be done in a single line, but not a single command.
opps, probably possible with sed, see b, t and y commands
GOOD POINT ahoffmann!
I must learn to read some day!

I guess I have to ammend my answer to:

sed "s/^a/A/;s/^b/B/;...etc...;s/^z/Z/"

If you can call that ONE command.

Please let us know when you find the REAL answer sdickens!
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