Dual boot between NT and Linux


I have a intel machine with 10GB HD.
C: drive 100 MB OS: dos
D: drive 2GB OS: NT
The rest of the hardrive is unformatted.

I want to install linux on the remaining free space of the HD and dual boot to NT.  I know that Lynux uses it's own loader for choosing the OS but I want to keep NT loader in place.  Lynux will only be on this machine for a few weeks for some testing.  I want to be able to reformat the drive lynux is on and go back to using NT without having to reinstall NT or any other work with no problems.  Can this be done?

I am new to Lynux and this will be my first time actually installing it so please make instructions clear and detailed (if possible).


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rgoughConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have a look at the Linux How-To's available at:


Specifically you'll need the Installation-HOWTO and the
Linux+NT-loader mini-HOWTO.

These guides should get you on your way.
jvieiraAuthor Commented:
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