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How do I install a NIC in Red Hat 6.1? COuld you explain step-by-step? Regards, Sergi
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Power down of course.  Plug in.  Power up.

You need to install the module to drive the card.  I put mine in /etc/rc.d/rc.local.

The most common driver is ne.o. See /usr/doc/HOWTO/Net-3-HOWTO for a list of cards supported by other drivers.  For PCI cards the parameters can be autoprobed and all that is needed is:

/sbin/modprob ne.o

For ISA cards, it needs to be:

/sbin/modprobe ne.o io=0xXXX

(where XXX is the address of the card). You don't need to actually re-boot. (Though if you edit the file first, then install the card, you'd be doing it anyway.) You could just issue the command at the prompt.  This is good if you don't know the IO and IRQ.  You can try out different comobs until it works.  Then add those settings to the config files.  At boot, check the boot mesage to see if the card was found.  If it scrolls by too fast, login and use the command
"dmesg | more" to see the section where ne.o was installed.

You can then run "netcfg" and set your hostname, IP, NETMASK, add local hosts, set the eth0 to be active at boot,
and set up a routng table. The routing table is specific to your network, but as a minumum should contain a route for the local net, the loopback network "lo", and a default gateway.

Click through each tab. Set what you can.  Try it out.  If you need further help, ask.

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Linux Networking

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