How to change the look of a Windows?


I want to know how to change the shape of the frame window or dialog boxes, for example, draw my own close, maximize or minimize buttons, my own title bar, etc. If you know WINAMP application, I think you will be able to understand better what I'm trying to do.

Thanks in advance
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Hi Demarcy:

You can actually purchase an active X control that allows you to do this.

The OCX control is called ActiveSkin, you can go to:

to try it out, etc.

------------------------here's the blurb
The ActiveSkin control is intended for use with:

Microsoft Visual Basic 5-6
Borland/Inprise Delphi 3-4
Microsoft Visual C++ 5-6
Just look at the screen shots of what you can achieve with the help of the ActiveSkin.

With ActiveSkin 3 it is possible to:

Change visual appearance of forms and controls at runtime
Use nonrectangular, dynamically resizable windows,
Any captions, frames, client and non-client areas,
Soft shadows, animation, morphing, translucent forms
Use skin script language support
Use skins, designed by our professional designers
Design skins for your application only

-----------------------------end of blurb

I have used this for my applications and it works perfectly!!

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