Tell me about trojans and where can I find or download good programs to remove them.
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You can go to :
and choose one site to go on.
Or go directly  to :
They have a lot of Trojans, also the remove programs.
You'll learn many things about Trojan there.

Good luck !
Try Cleaner 3.0, Trojan Defence Suite 98 (TDS-2). Use both, and also Lockdown 2000 to prevent the hacker from your computer.
I have many "text" about Trojan (what T is, how do they work...) but all in Vietnamese. I intend to translate them to English.
If you insterested them, send me your e-mail and I will send them to you when I finish.

My e-mail :
A trojan horse is a program that acts as another common program attempting to get info.  for example, a trojan horse could act as a system logon to get user names and passwords.  Windows NT prevents this by requiring the user to press ctrl-alt-del first to logon.  this key sequence "kills" any trojan horses before any logon info is typed.

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