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Looking for good practice problems for beginning - moderate C programming

Hi all
My friend is beginning to learn C, and it'll be easiest for him if I can find some problems to go along what he learns.

If there are any problems out there for this level, can any one let it know?


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At what level? Maybe the classic stack, list and que? Maybe a binary tree, or are we talking different levels?
I would suggest he check out the hs-computing mailing list.  He can subscribe to it by sending an e-mail to majordomo@delos.com with the text "subscribe hs-computing" in the body.  The mailing list often has problems posted to it.  Also, this list is the hub for some Internet-based Computer Science competitions.  Let me know if this helps.  You might also be able to ask the admin of the list for an archive of past problems of the weeks.
Have them pick up "The C Programming Language" Second Edition by Kernighan & Ritchie (aka K&R). The ISBN is 0-13-110362-8.

This is considered by many t be the bible of C programming. Each section has excercises to test your understanding of the topics covered. This book is a "must have" for any C programmer.
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One of the best sites available is this one:


There you'll find about 600 ACM problems to be solved. Your friend (and you, as you probably will like it) can solve the problems and send the code for the online judge and almost immediately receive the answer from the judge telling if your answer has been accepted, how much memory it takes and how fast it is.
niemeyer, It is customary post replies as comments. The asker has the option of accepting any comment as an answer.

When a question is answered it is locked and moved to a separate section. This reduces the chance that there will be more responses.

The only time to actually answer a question is when you are 120% sure it is the one and only right answer. In your case the URL doesn't even work.
Thank you! I've found EE yesterday and it's really different from what I used to do in other expert systems. Anyway, it can be a good idea...

Well, anyway... the site I proposed really rules.. I don't think that we have a problem this time! :-)

If you don't like it rocket96, just reject my answer and I'll understand.

rocket96Author Commented:
I've already been to that site. I can do the problems there...ACM problems are generally more difficult, and require a considerable amount of knowledge...

I was looking for something more along high-school/1st year college level. My friend has NO programming background (if you count HTML as programming, then yes, he does).

I was looking for something like:
"Write a program that accepts 5 integers and output the largest one."

and continually gets harder...

I have the Kernighan/Ritchie book, and the questions aren't quite what i'm looking for...

I'm looking for more informal, "fun" problems, that won't bore my friend (he's about 14, trying to learn C)...

I can always make up questions, but I don't have that much time, so I was kinda looking for something like this...

Thanks guys.

I got it... I think a good C book would help your friend. But anyway, I'm always looking for new stuff.. If I find something I'll let you know!
You can try this book. I used this book at age 15 trying to learn C myself and guess what, I found this book simple to understand and suits best for beginers. Inside this book, you can find questions for each section for revision purposes. Futhermore, questions are also included for each chapters to make sure you really understand the whole chapter before you carry on to the next more challenging chapters. On top of that, simple exercises are also included for each section and chapter. Of course you can find solutions to them at the back of the book. Appendices are included at the back of the book for better understanding. Moreover, a section of the book is reserved to teach students step by step on how to compile programs using UNIX environment or Borland C Windows environment.

Believe me or not, this textbook will definitely suit your friend.

Applications Programming in ANSI C Third Edition

Richard Johnsonbaugh & Martin Kalin

1996 by Prentice-Hall
rocket96Author Commented:
I was kinda looking for a web site like the ACM one niemeyer...

If no one can come up with a site like this, then I'll split the points between hongjun, niemeyer, gleasonguy, and isaacW...


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rocket96Author Commented:
Perfect. Just what I'm looking for. Thanks!
hello all,
is there any site in Java which has the same functionality like the site niemeyer pointed out,which is in C/C++?

if there is i promise to post a question for that person.

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