What does this beep mean?

When I turn on my computer long high pitch beep and long low pitch beep keep sounding from the speaker until I press the reset button. (My system boots up normally after I press the reset button.) What does this beep mean?

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The beep depends on the motherboard - mostly they have different tunes for different errors.

The error you describe is one I get when the system overheats.
You might like to check your motherboard doco.

Within the BIOS you can usually set things like alarms when an error occurs (such as something isnt configured correctly).

Maybe that is the problem?

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is this when you first turn it on? then you reboot and all is fine? it sounds like maybe something isn't getting started at first, but on reboot it finds everything just fine
LeventeAuthor Commented:

That is the case, exactly.
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LeventeAuthor Commented:

That is the case, exactly.
There is a real problem with something over there. If it happends only for the first time and after reset everything is ok that means that when you start computer something  is wrong and after hard reset it goes to proper mode.
I have similar problem with a pc where the video card was not plugged well and the screws are not fixed well.
The first thing you should do is to check all your cards, memory, processor and the power plugs. There is not a good link between some of the components and when it is reseted the link is restored by the new current flow. It can be caused if there is no enough volts for the processor. Check your CORE and I/O voltage again. It can be also caused if the ATX power supply is not functioning well. If there is a difference with the voltages. And in the end the problem can be caused if you have an BX acorp mother board or I think all kind of acorp motherboard bought before march this year and a brand new video card as ati or matrox. The problem is with bios. the revision is too old so you should check your number of the mother board go to the site get the latest bios update and update it. I remember that on my personal computer a year before celeron 333 acrop bx mother board and all in wonder agp video do the same thing. After the start it beeps or simethimes do nothing and when i push reset everything goes well.
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