Ok, concernicg this topic...

Where do i start?

to be more exact, what do i need to run php? and where do i find documentation about it?

on this moment i use vba, perl, JavaScript and html to make database connections to our AS/400, running on any webserver.

Do you suggest to 'step over' to PHP or not, and would it be difficult to learn?

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Ok, first of all, you need PHP itself installed on your server. I personally recommend to install it under Linux / Unix instead of Windows. As I commented on the other "oubelkas..." question you can find lots of resources, info and a manual on PHP on


I won't suggest anything, since everybody has his own opinion. What I can say is that it works great and that it ain't difficult to learn at all. You can use PHP along with HTML, Javascript and other languages.  

If you want anymore information you can always ask me :)

jbrugmanAuthor Commented:
First of all, as soon as i have the time, i will continue to look into this language.

For now,
oubelkas, please answer to get your grade.

Thank U! You could also accept my comment as an answer ;)


PS: You can alwayz contact me if you have any q's, see my profile....


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