loadwc.exe is not a valid windows NT application

Hello, i'm using winNT4.0 SP6. I have just installed AutoCADR14 and Solidworks98plus on my pc. After installing the Autocadr14, i click the restart pc later then i installed solidworks 98plus. Then after the installation i restarted the pc.
Upon opening the windows an error appears, C:\Winnt\system32\loadwc.exe is not a valid windows NT application.
What is this error and how can i fix it?

I UNinstall both programs but still the error appears. Can anybody help? Thanks.
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RockWolfConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I suggest you re-install SP6. If you install autocad and solidworks, after the installation you must re-install SP6
miyon654Author Commented:
Is there another solution aside from re-installing my service pack? Is this exe file important? How about if i just delete it?
hmm. Never delete it, just rename it to loadwc.bak and try to restart your computer. If it doesn't complain about missing loadwc.exe then it's ok. Otherwise you need to rename it again to loadwc.exe
But I strongly suggest you re-install your SP.

btw: do you have the option to un-install SP6 to go back to your previous SP ?? If yes try that first because SP6 isn't as stable as SP5 .I saw some weird things happen at our company when we applied SP6 to some systems.
If you don't have the option to uninstall then I suggest you re-install SP6.

another option is to re-install Internet Explorer 5, that would probably replace and fix the loadwc.exe file because it's a part of IE5.

Good Luck
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