Which CD-RW to buy

I'm deciding to get either a

RICOH MP7060A 20x/6x/4x EIDE CDRW
or a
YAMAHA 4416E 16x/4x/4x EIDE CDRW.

Which one should i get?
Or any other brands?
What should I look for in a Cd-rw drive.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In my opinion, these are both good brands.  I'd opt for the Ricoh, however, as it's 20X on read and 6X for CD-R.  These things are NEVER fast enough!
atanAuthor Commented:
Can all CD-RWs duplicate data/audio CDs, and make audio CDs from WAV files?
Most of them can.  There is a list of CD drives that can "rip" or read Audio data as digital data at:


I didn't find either of the above models in the list but I think it may be out of date.
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