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We are currently looking at companies to host our web-site off site.  We have a full time developer, so the company will only be responsible for hosting the site.

What are some of the things I should look for in finding a company to host our site?  Any pitfalls that can be avoided.  Any advice..
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jhurstConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You asked what questions to ask.  To my way of thinking there is one question that matters, assuming that you have a host that will provide all the technical features you need.

Obviously, on the technical issues you need to check they provide perl if you want perl, etc.

But, the real question to ask is: "will they give you a list of 10 clients who have hosted with the for a couple of years, so you can call them".

Web hosting companies come and go.  Many have loads of down times or bad periods.  If this happens to you, you look bad because the public think of your site as being in trouble, not your host.  So, you need a company that has been there and that has loads of happy clients.
If you have a site that uses ASP or Perl or needs DSN's(database connections)set-up or any other .dll's that are custom to your site, you should make sure they either HAVE them installed on the server where your site will reside, or that they are WILLING to...

Many companies claim to support sites created with FrontPage, for instance, but do not FULLY support it...
I can be much more helpful if I know what you've built your site with, and the technologies/languages used to develop it..
(i.e.  html, asp, perl, cgi, c++, frontpage, cold fusion, pagemill, homesite, etc, etc...
larockdAuthor Commented:
We havent started developing the site as of yet.  We are in the process of developing the content that will be carried.  So everything has to be looked at in general terms.  So regarding your comment you would advise to find a site that will let use custom controls (ie: custom DLL's, Scripts, and that nature.)

We do not sell anything so E-Commerence is not a consideration.  

I am more concerned with the technicial end of it.

Storage, redundancy, reporting - web hits, frequently accessed content, peak usage times.

Various items of this nature.

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..if that's the stuff your interested in finding out, then ASK THOSE QUESTIONS to your potential ISP/WPP
larockdAuthor Commented:
Of Course I am going to ask those questions, but I was looking for other questions that I should ask.  Possibly, what other items I should consider to prevent any possible pitfalls other people may have encountered.

If an ISP claims they are a Tier 1 Service provider what does this exactly mean?  If you can answer the above question then answer this question also.

Why make it complicated and re-invent the wheel! Surf and look at proffessional e-tail, e-commerce, etc. pages similar to yours... or your idea of your page. Then ask them who their ISP is! If they use one and are happy with them... you might be too with the same ISP!
try this site:

I have used them (after going through three other web hosting companies) and they do a good job.  They are very responsive to any requests as well as any questions.  They provide a broad range of storage /transfer rates etc depending on the service you purchase.

Personally I had the hardest time trying to get our site up due to the hosting company( not interland) taking very long to respond to my issues.

Interland also provides WEB trend reports which is always useful.

hope it helps....
Another question is what kind of skills does your developer have? One alternative for web hosting is a hosting service that uses Lotus Domino, which has excellent security and offers a hierarchy structure for application control to reflect the hierarchy of your organization.
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