Looking for a Graphing Class

I'm looking for a class (preferrably written in MFC) that will allow me to generate graphs both on screen and to a printer (thru a CDC/HDC).  This class MUST have source code available and should be either free or registerable for a reasonable price.

It must be capable of the following:

- 2d/3d Pie Charts
- 2d/3d Line, Bar and Area Charts
- Have flexible legend support
- Have customizable titles, axis and styles
- Support for other types of charts is a plus, but not required.

Please don't point me to samples on codeguru, as I couldn't find anything well rounded enough on codeguru (unless I missed something).
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iarlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Thank you
Check out


It is not really that expensive

visualseeAuthor Commented:
iarla, since you were the only one who responded, can you answer the question and I'll give you the points?
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