get error 430 on win98 machines

I am using a adodb.datafactory recordset to read data from a text file into a recordset and using a vbdatasource as a class creator. (this seems to be the culprit)  I have installed my program on win95 and nt and have not had a problem yet, but it won't run on windows 98 machines.
Do I need mdac when not using any external recordsets and is this needed to get rid of the error 430 "Does not support expert interface" which is the error which comes up all the time?  
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TimCotteeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
terickson, you have posted this question twice, but anyway the answer is yes you will need to install MDAC, even though your recordsets may not be external, you will still need the full ado support on the machines to which the application is installed.
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