Lilo problems

When reformatting my drive I caught a lost cluster and now everything is messed up-  when I boot i get to LI and then i get a blinking cursor.  I don't really want to loose my windows partitions but it seems i can't boot windows at all.  Is there any way to remove the Lilo boot loader and save the win9x partitons??
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Your Linux and Win are in different partitions right? If so, you can just boot from disk and run  'fdisk /mbr'.
If you made rescue disks for either linux or windows you should be fine. Booting into either OS should allow you to save your Win partitions. Both OS's will allow you to reformat the MBR if that is needed. In Linux you should be able to edit etc/lilo.conf to reflect any partition changes you may have made. After editing lilo.conf run lilo and then reboot and you should be set to go. Read the LILO HOWTO, in /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/.

Try to fix LILO first, Stopping at LI implies that the second stage loader is unable to load the kernel. This can be a drive architecture problem thaat can be solved by BIOS knowing your HD disk type, (large LBA, normal etc). In your case you may have moved things around and not told LILO. Adding LINEAR to the /etc/lilo.conf can sometimes be a solution. See the Mini howto for more options. If you know where your windows partitions are you should be able to point LILO to the windows partiton with a label of "default' in /etc/lilo.conf and be ready to go. Always run LILO after editing /etc/lilo.conf .

If you have no rescue disks and LILO is hanging then the problem is more complicated. A mini linux distro on a flopppy could get you access to your files and at least allow you to clear your MBR. THere may be DOS boot disks that will do the same thing if you are more comfortable with dos.

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If you would like to fix the problem get a win95 boot disk from someone and make sure it has the right version of fdisk on it.  after it boots type fdisk /mbr.  This will rewrite only the Master Boot record.  That will get rid of lilo and allow you to boot as you used to into windows.  If you want to save lilo try the comment listed above mine.

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