Just one address with a mailinglist

Sometimes we send an e-mail to many adresses.
In Outlook 2000 it's allready possible to group them and select them all at once.
But we still have a problem.
We don't want the receiver to know to whic adresses we sended the e-mail. We like to suggest that he/she is the only receiver
Some ideas?
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Send the message to yourself and place all other addressees in the Blind Carbon Copy address of the email.  They will only know that you and themselves received the EMail.
Got to this site:


Download the Office Email Merge add-in.  Full registration is $99.

If you use this alot it would be worth it.

A cheaper alternative is using Word Mail Merge and e-mail to all your recipients individually.
fraikinAuthor Commented:

Yes this is working but we won't use this solution. For the receiver it's like having a love letter with an address sticker on it. We really want that the receiver thinks we only e-mailed to him and make it very personal that way


Sorry Mohnshine, even this solution won't work because we can't make an e-mail with an attachment enclosed and we don't work with Access or Outlook-contacts. It will be a lot of work for us to export our address-database all the time to Access. And (I believe) we can't work with distribution lists with this solution.

Anyway guys, thanks for these answers. I'm waiting for more ideas.

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My mistake.  You can just place the user in the BCC and nothing in the TO of the message and it will send as you want.  Good luck.

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A couple of things:

What is your data stored in?

Do you have any other Office 2K products available?

If you do have Word 2K available, the Mail Merge can mail merge with more than Access databases.   Plain text, HTML, and FoxPro are other sources.

Also you have the option of sending the document as an attachment or as the body of the e-mail, so if you can get your data into a format that Word can use as a data source than you can use Mail Merge to do what you need.

fraikinAuthor Commented:
Hi Mohnshine,

We don't have other Office 2K products.

At the moment we have the adresses stored in two ways: in Contacts from Outlook and in our business-application written in PVX. It's not possible in other applications to open the PVX-files

The use of Contacts is temporarily. In the future we will send all e-mail from our own PVX-application (using Outlook blindly as sender). But that's only possible when we received the good answers for our other question at Expert-Exchange (11/16/99 Making e-mail with other applications)

You can imagen that we now have a lot of extra work when we have to keep our adresses updated in two application. That's why I don't want to use OEMerge from the bnsgroup: one more datafile.

Mailmerge with Word is not a good option. The users here are from a very low level. They will have too much troubles with all the handling they have to do in that case

Hi Celtics,

Your solution is studied at the moment. It's working but still not perfect. The e-mail looks still different for the receiver.

We will still wait some days to see if there's a better solution. Otherwise we will donate the points to you

Chris Fraikin
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