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Retrieving unknown string from File

Posted on 1999-11-16
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-02
  I would like to know how to write the code for:
1) Access a certain file.
2) Open it.
3) Search for a certain string A in it.
4) skip 1 newline character.
5) Retrieve a string B that ends in the next newline character (not including).
6) Close file.
7) I am new to VB so please make it clear and very simple. Thank-you.
Question by:itailevitan
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Accepted Solution

TimCottee earned 160 total points
ID: 2211578
Dim strLine As String
Dim strLine2 As String

Open "AnyFile.txt" For Input AS #1
  Input #1,strLine
  IF Instr(1,strLine,"StringA") > 0 Then
    Input #1,strLine2
    Exit Do
  End If
Loop Until Eof(1)
Close #1

This opens the file, reads it line by line until it finds an occurrence of "StringA" returned, it then reads the next line and exits the loop, closes the file and returns the second string in a message box.

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Expert Comment

ID: 2211597
Shouldn't you always use FreeFile when setting file numbers?
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Expert Comment

ID: 2211674
Sure you should use freefile in practice, I just knocked this off the top so didn't!

But to help itailevitan,

before the open statement add the line,

FileNo = FreeFile

And replace all occurrences of #1 with #FileNo.

It makes no real difference if you are only ever opening one file at a time and you are sure that the file is closed before trying to open another one (or the same one again).
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Expert Comment

ID: 2213776
>>Shouldn't you always use FreeFile when setting file numbers?

FreeFile must be used when you're doing a large project, or a routine which will be used in several different contexts, where you don't know if now channel #24 is open or not.

With fool or very tiny things, the use of FreeFile has no reason. But, of course, it helps to good programming habit. :)

Author Comment

ID: 2214402
Hello Tim,

    At the moment I haven't got the time to check your answer - I will tommorow (I am a very busy working student from Israel). I will check it tommorow -so you won't have to wait.
Thank you very much for now! Itai.

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Expert Comment

ID: 2214416
No rush, studies are usually far more important anyway!

Author Comment

ID: 2223031
Hello Tim,
Thanks for the code but there is a slight problem:
- I am trying to read a "user_id" from a certain cookie.
- I try to read a new line using your code - but it reads the whole file content into the string! (although if I open the cookie with Word - I see that there are new lines, so there must be new line characters in the cookie file, no?)
- As a result: I crash when trying to execute the command: Input #1, strLine2
(according to your code -see above)
- If I can find out how to advance the file pointer, that would help as well.
- To sum up: I need to skip the newline character(that I saw with Word) which appears after the string: user_id that I am looking for and then read a string (representing the numeric id) which ends in the next newline character(this, again, I saw with Word)
- Please tell me what to do - 10'x
P.S. I miss C/C++ - this would have been over a long time ago...
although VB has its features...

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