How do I map a network drive from Linux to NT

Can anybody please give me any info on how to map to a NT server from linux

Many thanks
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bcwhiteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Make sure "SMB" is compiled in to the kernel
2) Install "smbmount" and "smbumount"
3) Make sure the DNS name for the server matches it's "share" name

    smbmount //windoze_server/mount_name /mnt/point

#1 is probably already done unless you built a custom kernel.
#2 will be available through your linux distribution
#3 is usually the case anyway

For more info, try:

    smbclient -L windoze_server

Also try giving the option "-d 9" to either of the above command to get more information about what may be going wrong.

-- Brian
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