Need info on how to accept credit cards online and grant access and assign passwords in real-time

How can I setup or is there any programs like frontpage etc... or a company that can do the following....
What i need is my website to be able to accept credit cards through SSL (I think that is what it is called) once it accepts the credit card I need to be able to assign a password and username in realtime that has the ability to have the password changed by the user....

Any information on this would be helpfull   especially if there is a program to do this I would like to do this myself but I have no idea how to write java i know very little javascript and i know some HTML but when it comes to this it is way over my head.
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jhurstConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have set up a number of clients to use iBill,  They are in the USA and their system generates an access number when the user provides a credt card that is validated.  The number that they generate for the user is the next number from a list of random numbers that they provide you when you set up with them.  As such, the system provide instant access and you need to almost nothing.  It is very slick and we have been very happy with them.

If you do not have a merchant account for the cards then iBill handles everyting and keeps 15% - if you use your account their fee is muc, much lower.

They also allow repeated billing for subscriptions and even 1-900 numbers for those without cards.
rupertsCommented: - will take credit card details and process them for a commission and then e-mail you with their details, and you can also redirect them to a page which could
..generate a unqiue userID based on their IP for example and the time.
give them temporay access via a standard user name & pwd until you have set up an account for them
briancassinAuthor Commented:
ruperts good suggestion I checked it out only one problem I am in the united states and really do not want to deal with the red tape and headaches of money coversion of U.S. dollars to pounds... Do you know of any banks or companies that offer this in the u.s. all under one roof ? I added 50 points for extra effort thanks :)
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briancassinAuthor Commented:
ruperts another good site but they seem to be very difficult to work with any ideas of any other ones i really liked the first one you suggested but it is in another country.
You culd always move to england, although the sales tax is stupidly high (17.5%) - but this isn't charged on food or Books without CD's (books with CD's attract a tax of 1.75%!)

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