Need info on how to accept credit cards online and grant access and assign passwords in real-time

How can I setup or is there any programs like frontpage etc... or a company that can do the following....
What i need is my website to be able to accept credit cards through SSL (I think that is what it is called) once it accepts the credit card I need to be able to assign a password and username in realtime that has the ability to have the password changed by the user....

Any information on this would be helpfull   especially if there is a program to do this I would like to do this myself but I have no idea how to write java i know very little javascript and i know some HTML but when it comes to this it is way over my head.
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FrontPage is an excellent development tool, as it saves untold hours in web-management, but neither it nor ANY other software automatically do this for you..
SSL is simply having the ability to chang your links from (ex.  to

It is necessary that you buy or have access to an SSL certificate with your web account...a certificate is installed on the server where your site is, and if someone clicks your link that says https://,it will bring up the same page, but in this https://(secure) connection. I recommend$125/year), whereas  is $350/year... and they work exactly the same..
As far as the abiity to accept credit cards from your site goes...that's an entirely seperate issue.
There are 3 steps to accepting credit cards online.    

 Merchant Services - A merchant service is a "broker" of sorts that will help you establish a merchant account, set-up your processing, provide you with a processing mechanism and link the whole process together.  You don't need a merchant service but they are highly recommended.  Merchant services are like Internet Service Providers (ISP's) for credit cards.
 Merchant Banks - A merchant bank is where your money from credit card purchases will end up.  Sometimes your merchant bank may be a different banking institution than your current bank.  Banks specialize in moving money and not technology so they will have you use a third-party processor to get the money to you.
 and Merchant Processors - A merchant processor, also known as a third-party processor, provide the actual technology to do the transaction electronically and securely.  Cybercash and AuthorizeNet are both examples of Merchant processors.   Merchant processors are involved in technology and often look to the merchant service to provide sales and even sometimes customer support services for you.

Step 1 - Obtaining a Merchant Account

You must obtain a merchant account in order to process credit cards.   A merchant account is needed whether you accept credit cards directly on-line or open a store on the corner and take credit cards directly.  For practical purposes, a merchant account is simply a "special" banking account where the credit cards are turned into money and deposited into your bank.  It's like like a normal credit card running in reverse.

Step 2 - Decide on a method to process your credit cards

After obtaining a merchant account, next you must decide on a method to process your credit cards.
A card terminal is a piece of computer hardware about the size of a phone that the merchant swipes the card through.  The terminal has a card reader that reads the card number.  The merchant types in the amount and the process is transacted typically over phone lines.

An on-line Internet processor uses the Internet to process your credit cards.  Either the card is typed in directly or feed into the system from a shopping cart system.  The process takes the information, verifies it and processes the credit card using the Internet as opposed to using a phone line and the modem.  The on-line Internet process is an outgrowth of using PC software.

PC software are programs that run on your PC where the credit card is typed in with your PC keyboard.  The software calls up the processor using a phone and verifies the transaction using the phone.

 Step 2 - Obtaining a Third Party Processor

A third party processor is required to actually do the credit card transaction.  No matter what choices you make, a third party processor is involved.   Even if you choose a merchant service or process that appears to be just one company doing everything....they are usually using a recognized third party processor underneath.  The third party processor simply provides the technology to make the transaction happen.

Step 3 - Making your Shopping Cart integrate seamlessly with your processor and bank

We use Shopping Cart software by that will integrate with any third party processor where there is demand and where there is a "workable" integration mechanism.  Some third party processors try and "close" their system so that only you can use their software.  We believe in "open-systems" because this gives you the most flexibility.
Currently, we can integrate both Cybercash and AuthorizeNet processors.  If you have another processor that you would like to use and you are interested in letting SiteSee'er do the work for you,  Contact us to find out.  We can provide the "bridge" that integrates your Internet Store with the processor of your choice.

I recommend QuickCommerce as a third part processor. Best rates, great service. for more info on them, go to:

We are a licensed reseller of SalesCart, and can save you money on it if you decide to buy it, or we can implement the Shopping Cart and Transaction processing for you.
You call us Toll-Free at 1-877-613-8424  or email me at for an estimate.


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