new puter setup

i have a new setup containing the following a sba supermicro motherboard and a 450 intell pent iii 64mgs mem 100 mgz maxtor 13 gig hard drive atx mid tower case
I try to install win 98 after format and fdisk and i get to the point of adding the serial key to get it installed and i get the message i performed an illegal operation and the window closes out. If i try to install version 2 it will install fine and all drivers are installed but when i get to open a game or a press writer print shop it either locks up or i get the errormessage again.
i also have a ati all in wonder pro 16mgs pci video card. I uninstalled each piece of equipment and used a known good and working piece untill all that is left is the motherboard. still trhe same problem. any other ideas i could have missed or do you think the motherboard is the problem?
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Motherboards have been known to be bad. If that's all that's left it doesn't take much of an expert to figure it out. If you want an "official" statement I'll give it to you. Why don't you try replacing the motherboard?
xman12Author Commented:
thanks i needed that!
But i wanted to be sure i didn't forget to do something or i did something wrong!
I am now waiting to hear from supermicro but we all know how that goes
There are some posibilities for that problem:
Sometimes the mother boards are designed awful so they are unable to keep working fine when putting on too much megahertzs. So check the motherboard's reference for setting the processor speed front bus speed and  so.
This is not all the problem. Sometimes the processor is FAKE. if you are not sure what processor you have you should use the utilities from where you will find how to make a fake processor for example pentium II on 233 with a box of pentium II of 400 and sell it for twice more money. So you should use these utilities to check the processor parameters inside. Do not believe to the box. the other problem is with multichannel ports for IDE devices. Sometimnes if the cable of the hard drive is connectec together with a cd-rom there are some conflicts so the cd-rom is NOT reading the data correctly and when installing windows in particular it causes bad CAB or illegal operation. That is not the final answer. the final answer can be kept into the memory modules. Sometimes the memory is not that memory you have paid for. If there is a fake chip and the module has no error detection and correction then You get these messages. I suggest to check all these points one by one changing everyting that i mentioned. ABout the ATI there is no problem it it the best video cart ever made so dont be worry until it is not K6-3 with agp card :))
That is
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That's nice advice, Stef, but my reading of his original question was that he had already replaced every working part except the motherboard. As you said, some motherboards are designed so awful (or manufactured poorly or abused even slightly). Which is just another way of saying what I did...try replacing the motherboard.
Did you try another RAM ?
xman12Author Commented:
yes i did
Xman, I think this can be handled rather easily, but it would help to reopen the question by rejecting the answer so other techs see that you are still having problems.
We are a stocking dealer for Supermicro, ATI and Maxtor products as well as an OEM builder using those same products. The P6SBA is a slot one motherboard, but I need to know whether that Intel PIII 450 is a socket 370 on a slot one adapter card or a slot one PIII processor.

Also, let me know which Bios version you are using (have you flashed the Bios?)

You may have to pull the partitions on the hard drive, reload them, format the drive and then reinstall Win98 though if my suspicions are correct.

The P6SBA motherboard is not setup like other Supermicro motherboards, so you need to take specific care of each setting used before loading the OS.

Let me know about the above and I'll help you get setup.
xman12Author Commented:
this is a retail box, i assume slot one pentium450 iii. The 370 is a celeron correct? This had better not be a celeron!I think the bios is a 2.2 and no i didn't flash the bios,The hard drives i tried were brand new. I fdisked them and then once let the windows disk fromat and once on one i formated. still not good. I treid to switch all the equipment with working ones from MY computer.
Okay, let's see if we can put this box together the way you want it.

Can I presume that you are posting here from another box?

As for PIII, celeron and socket 370, socket 370 is a socket style and PIII and celerons come in both slot I and Socket 370. Since you've had it apart, we'll presume the PIII is slot I.

Aside from the motherboard, list for me the hardware you want to use in this box, giving me the make and model. Unfortunately some things live better in certain slots on these motherboards, so we'll map that out together.

The v2.2 is the latest Bios, but we'll have to check the settings when your ready to set this up. I'm ready when you are.
xman12Author Commented:
this is a copy of the tech sheet sent to supermicro thanks dew

Super Micro's Product Information
Product Model and Serial Number      Supermicro sba  st433637
PCB Revision      REV 3.3 (To identify the revision number, visit the page on our web: )                        rev2.0?
BIOS Revision      2.2
BIOS Date Code      B432590    sba9162
System Configuration

CPU      CPU Brand, Model, Speed      Single intel pentuim iii 450 retail box version with cpu fan attached
      Bus Speed and Core/Bus Ratio      Bus speed      100 MHz      Ratio      4.5 X
      CPU Core Voltage      2.0 Volts (Can read from SUPER Doctor or AMI BIOS Setup in "Peripheral" section.)

Memory Configuration      Bank0 / Bank1      64MB PC-100 SDRAM  with SPD      
      Bank2 / Bank3      None      None

Add-in Cards      AGP Slot      none
      PCI Slot #1      All in wonder pro 16mgs pci with tv tuner and video capture and dvd software
      PCI Slot #2      none
      PCI Slot #3      None
      PCI Slot #4      None
      PCI Slot #5      None
      ISA Slot #1      none
      ISA Slot #2      none
      ISA Slot #3      None

ATA IDE Port      Primary Master      Maxtor 13.60gb eide 9ms 5400rpm
      Primary Slave      Mitsumi cd rom ide  48x
      Secondary Master      None
      Secondary Slave      none
Onboard SCSI Devices      none
Operating System      I tried win 98 and win 98 version 2
Problem Description
I tried to load an operating system on the hard drive. The version 2 loads fine. BUT it locks up the program and gives an error message that I have performed an illegal operation and all you can do is close the program or game out.The windows games work ok like solitare but if you try to access any other add on programs they lock up. I tried to load my older version of windows 98 and the farthest I got was to the window that asks for the serial key to the windows program and then the computer locks up,giving me the message I performed an illegal operation and all you can do is close the window leaving you the only option to reboot to the same thing. Both windows o/s are oem's. I tried to fdisk each time and to reformat and start from scratch. Each time I only could get to the serial key with the older version. I replaced the cpu with a known good one. I replaced the memory with known good one and I replaced the video card with a known good one. All that is left was the old motherboard. Leading me to believe that something is wrong with the motherboard.  Each time I reloaded and reformated the hard drive to no avail. I also loaded all the latest drivers for the video card when the version 2 was loaded. To no avail. I also set the motherboard to voltage settings for a 450= 4.5 voltage settings and the jumper off to run at 100mgz.
Xman, I appreciate that info that was sent to SM, but I need to know what you want to put into this box to get the way you want it. The above omits a modem, sound card etc!

Also, this motherboard require PC-100 Sdram. Is that what you are using? and have you verified it's quality. It must be better than average, something like Micron, Samsung, Kingston etc.
xman12Author Commented:
I am going to use a creative labs sound blaster live oem sound card and a usrobotics 1749 modem internal.memory has been verified as i switched the memory i am currently using with the same motherboard in the machine i have now. same setup..yes it is 100mgz memory
Thats it i think for now...
Okay Xman, then let's do it!

1. Shut the box down and unplug it.

2. Find jumper JBT1, which should be covering pins 1 & 2 and move it briefly to cover pins 2 & 3 and then put it back.

3. Reseat the CPU and the memory. Make sure the memory starts in bank 0.

4. Recheck the core voltage jumpers:


5. Now verify all of the cabling from the case to the motherboard. Reset, power on, LED's etc.

6. Disable WAKE ON LAN

7. Make sure JP20 is jumpered across pins 2 & 3.

8. Disable chassis intrusion.

9. Configure your hard drives, CD-Rom and floppy the way you want them and attach them to the MB and make sure everything is cabled correctly. We all make mistakes, so check it twice. Make sure the hard drives and CD Rom drives are jumpered correctly.

10. Put the PCI video card in PCI slot 4.

11. Put the Sound card and the modem in, just don't use the last PCI slot (#1) or the first EISA slot (JJ14).

12. Boot the machine to the Bios setup, now in the default settings, choose Optimal and then reboot back to the Bios setup.

13. Now go into the Standard portion of the Bios setup and check the drive recognition. Make sure that for the hard drives that you choose AUTO not user, and for the CD-ROM drive that you choose CD-ROM.

NOTE: When setting up for the hard drives, make sure you select LBA Mode and ON for 32bit mode. Set PIO mode to auto.

14. In the Advanced area:

Disable Quick Boot
Set all ARMD as Auto
Set your boot devices as: Floppy, First IDE, ATAPI CD-ROM
Set Try other boot devices as YES
Set Initial Display Mode as BIOS
Display Mode at Add-on ROM Init = Force BIOS
Floppy Access = read/write
Hard disk access = read/write
Smart = disabled (for now)
Boot Up Num-Lock (your option here)
PS/2 Mouse Support (enable if you're using a PS/2 mouse)
Leave remainder at their default settings.

15. Chipset setup:

USB = enabled
Leave all others at their defaults.

16. Power Management

Power Management = APM
Power Button = On/Off
Green PC = Suspend
Video Power Down = Suspend
Hard Disk Power Down = Suspend

Leave all others at their defaults

17. PCI/PnP Setup

Plug and Play-Aware OS = NO

Leave all others at their default settings.

18. Peripheral Setup

Remote Power-On = Disabled

Leave all other settings at default.

Now save the settings and boot to the Windows 98 Setup disk.

Observe Bios boot process and verify that the processor, Sdram and drives are all identified correctly.

Once at the Dos prompt, run Fdisk and remove the partitions on all hard drives.

Now reinstall the partitions as you want them, and make certain that you make the Drive C partition active and the reboot to the startup disk and choose without CD-ROM drive support.

Format the "C" partition as well as all others. For only the C partition, format with the?S switch, as in FORMAT C:/S

Now pop the floppy and boot to the C to make sure it is bootable.

Now reboot to the floppy, choose With CD-ROM drive support and install Win98. If the install hangs, note exactly where the hang occurs, then shut the machine off, pop the floppy and restart.

Let me know how you make out.

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xman12Author Commented:
Dew i replaced the motherboard and followed your directions to a t....Walla! It worked! I really think i had a bad motherboard. I have built several with the same setup and they all worked except this one!When i set mine up, i Did it the exact same way you told me too. Thanks for reminding me the step by step process!
Thanks again xman
Way to go Xman!
Thanks for letting us know it was a bad motherboard, and I'm delighted dew has you back in business.
xman12Author Commented:
I'm delighted someone like the both of you would take time out to help an amatuer like myself enjoy computer building and learning things about them at the same time! This is really an indispenceable ave for info...Please never give up helping out!
Glad we could help Xman!
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