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I have just installed Linux and thought I had specified a dual boot between my existing windows 98 and Linux.  After having installed the system all I am getting is a login prompt for Linux and not windows 98.   Also, when I was doing the install, I do not recall entering a login name.  So now when I have this login prompt, I do not know what it would be.  So one, how do I confirm that I have it properly set up for a dual boot and two, how do I check what my login name is.  I do, by the way know what I entered as a password.
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If you installed lilo when you installed linux, you should see the 'lilo:' prompt when you boot your system. When that prompt comes up, hit the 'tab' key to see what choices you have for booting your operating systems. Usually it will be linux and dos (sometimes windows). To start windows 98 you would normally type 'dos' at the lilo prompt.

The login prompt you get under linux is most likely for root. You didn't mention if you created any other users when you installed linux. If you didn't, then root is the only user on the system. You should be able to do the following:

Login: root
Password: (whatever password you gave during the install)

If you have more questions, please leave a comment. Hope this helps...

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farwelzAuthor Commented:
I do not see the 'lilo' prompt, although I do know that I indicated a need for the dual boot.   I am simply getting a boot for Linux.  When I enter 'root' at the login prompt and then my password, I get:  [root@local host/root]#   and then another prompt.   What would I do at this point?
Were you able to configure X windows when you installed linux? What distribution of linux did you install?

When you get the "[root@local host/root]#" prompt, that means your logged into your system as root. Try issuing the command 'startx' and see if xwindows comes up. Tell me what happens.
farwelzAuthor Commented:
This just gives me a desktop for what I assume is the Linux desktop.  I am trying to access my windows 98 and its associated software.
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