Setting up the Debugger

How do i setup the debugger? Is it mandatory for me to have a personal web server installed in each of the machines where CF Studio is installed ? I am totally in the dark w.r.t this.
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It's not mandatory for you to have PWS installed on each machine where CF Studio is installed, if you are working from a server.
To set up the debugger, go to your CFIDE administrator page, which is found at http://servername/cfide/administrator , or under start, programs, Cold Fusion Server, Cold Fusion Administrator.

Login to the administrator page using the password you set up for the admin access on CF, then on the left hand bar, choose "Debugging" under "Miscellaneous".

Check the options you want, add each IP address that will be allowed to see debugging, then click "Apply".

That should do it.
You need PWS or any web-server that you can configure with CF installed only on the Server Machine not any of the developer/viewing machines.

I think Kumaran is referring to the debugger in ColdFusion Studio, rather than the debug output that you set up in the CF Administrator.

Basically, you need to set up a development mapping so that ColdFusion Studio can resolve your pages into URLs. Alt+M will display the Development Mappings dialog. If you're using a Microsoft system you can set the Studio path to C:\Inetpub\wwwroot (or whatever the webroot for your server happens to be) and if you browse to it with the folder icon (in CFStudio 4.0) the CF Server Path and Browser Path will be auto filled with C:\Inetpub\wwwroot and respectively. You'll know that you have these mappings set up correctly if you can use CF Studio's internal browser.

The next step is to open the page you want to debug as well as the page that serves as the entry point to your application. Set the breakpoint in the page where you suspect a problem and then hit Alt+Y to display the Debug Start dialog.

Choose the entry point page as the Start Page URL and click OK. View the start page in the internal browser and at this point you're ready to begin a debugging session. Hit Ctrl+F5 to start and navigate to the page where you set the breakpoint. Use the debug quickbar to step into, step over, etc, etc.

There are the basic steps. Hope this helps.


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Oh... I thought he was talking about the debugger on the Server that runs through Studio to debug cfm code.

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