iMac-AppleTalk interface

I am attempting to add an iMac DV to an existing AppleTalk network consisting of the a PPC 8600/300 and a Quadra 610 computers and 3 printers (GCC BLPIIS, Espon 850 and Apple 2400). (The 3 computers and a cable modem are also connected via an Ethernet hub.) Do you know of an easy solution to interfacing an iMac DV into the AppleTalk network so that it will see (and use) the printers, at least the GCC and Epson? I have tried a Belkin USB to serial adapter without success.
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Um...ethernet cable might be a good start. Theres is also a program called epsonshare from which will let you share the epson printer over a network. If its an epson 6xx series you can also use the epson 660 drivers on all the machines to share it. Anyway...ethernet cable from the iMacDV to the ethernet hub will do it.
mdbastronAuthor Commented:
The epson is only part of the problem. I have two other printers and 2 other Macs that need to share the printers and data.
You are simply out of luck on the other two printers unless they happen to have drivers that will let you share them. The two other macs go onto the same ethernet hub as the rest of the netowork.
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mdbastronAuthor Commented:
I added a Farallon EtherMac iPrint Adapter (about $100) and have solved 2 problems at once. Both the 8600 and iMac now see the printers on the Ethernet interface and I am now able to do data transfers (Timbuktu) at near gigabyte speed -- up from 15kps with Printer Port AppleTalk.
I have not gotten the 2400 to work, but this is just a small price to pay
If your Stylewriter 2400 was bought in it's standard format, it will be a serial printer and not include the localtalk option.  You can only localtalk printers via the iPrint box.

It's highly unlikely you will be able to get hold of a localtalk card, and if you do it will problably be way in excess of the value of the printer!

So are you all connected up now?

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mdbastronAuthor Commented:
Yes! The iPrint solved an additional problem, I know have easy Ethernet connection between the PPC 8600 and the iMac. Kind of figured I was TSOL with the 2400. Will probably donate it to a worthy cause.

Thanks to all...
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