I've got users that read thier e-mail during the course of the day and the following morning a bulk of thier e-mail indicates they have not read it (In red).  The problem is intermitted and it's not happening on all laptops.

Domino 4.6.3
NT Server 4.0 SP4

Lotus 4.6.3
Windows 95

Why is this happening?
How do I solve this problem?
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Hi moskwada !

Did you check the date on the particular LapTop and compared it to the date of the Server it is replicating with ?

moskwadaAuthor Commented:
I have the users profile update the date/time each time the user signs on from the server.

I was meaning the system date of the server and the laptop.


Can you try and take another replica on the same LapTop and test it overnight ?

moskwadaAuthor Commented:
First, the time on the laptop is set to the time on the Notes Server.

I'm not sure what you mean...replica?
We had this problem with some users.  It can happen on laptops or desktops but more often on laptops.  It can happen even if there is no local replica and the user is accessing email directly on the server.  It's a known problem with Notes 4.x although R5 is supposed to solve it.  Here's one suggestion we got from Lotus, taken from our support Notes.  We were using 4.6.2 at the time, I'm not sure if 4.6.3 would make a difference but I think probably not.  This solved it in MOST cases but I think there were still one or two intermittent problems.  The bottom line from Lotus was: get R5.


Over the past few months a few people have complained that their email sometimes spontaneously reverts to "unread" status (turns red again, has a * next to it) after they've read it.  There is a work around for this see the Lotus Tech Note on this below:-

In order for unread marks to be exchanged (synchronized), the following must be true:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Using the REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD parameter will result in severe performance degradation when replicating.  Support for this NOTES.INI variable may be removed in future feature releases if this feature is enabled differently.

  1. The REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD parameter must be specified in   the
     server’s NOTES.INI file and   both   clients’ NOTES.INI files  .
     Half of this   variable   time   is equal to the minimum number of
hours to synchronize the unread lists between replications of local and server databases.

2. All replicas should be located on the following Notes releases on the
server and on both clients:
REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD=8 (Notes R4.13 and Domino Servers R4.51)
REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD=0 (Notes 4.5.5 or Notes 4.62)
REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD=-1(Notes 4.5.5 or Notes 4.62)

A).  Synchonizing Unread Marks Every Hour:

1.   A user has a mailfile online on the office machine and works with the replica on a laptop remotely from home.
2.   All machines (office machine, laptop and mail server) must be running with Notes R4.53a.
3.   All machines must have the REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD parameter in their NOTES.INI files.  REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD=2 will synchronize unread marks every one hour.

Also delete the Cache.dsk file and run a compact on the workspace.

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