Wrong trend line in Excel97

User has Office97, SP2.  Using Excel, after entering data points for a trend line graph, the trend line and data points are correct on the graph, but the formula derived by Excel and displayed on the X-Y graph for that trend line is incorrect.  The trenfd line and data represent a simple linear series. Has anyone seen this problem or know what might be wrong???
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Are you sure you used a XY (Scatter) diagram ? Excel allows you to make a trendline on a line diagram which is utterly misleading.
d50041Author Commented:
yes, it was (is) a scattergram
Just a quick look at MS KB:
Q161006 XL97: Chart Trendline Formula Is Inaccurate

The equation displayed for a trendline on an xy (scatter) chart is incorrect.
When you manually substitute values for the x variable, Microsoft Excel then
plots the trendline incorrectly.
Microsoft Excel 97 plots trendlines correctly; however, the equation that is
displayed may give incorrect results when you manually type x values. For
appearance, each x value is rounded in the number of significant digits that are
displayed in the chart. This allows the equation to occupy less space in the
chart area. However, the accuracy of the chart is significantly reduced, which
can cause a trend to appear to be incorrect.
To work around this behavior, increase the digits in the trendline equation by
increasing the number of decimal places that are displayed. To do this, use the
following steps:
1. In the chart, select the trendline equation.
2. On the Format menu, click Selected Data Labels.
3. Click the Number tab, and click Number in the Category List.
4. Increase the number of decimal places to 8.
5. Click OK.
This behavior is by design of Microsoft Excel 97 for Windows.

Hope it helps

P.S. How do you like last sentence "This behavior is by design of Microsoft..." :-)

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d50041Author Commented:
adding the data points solved the users' problem

and microsoft, ah, never mind

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