Transfer a file from server A to server B

Here is what I am trying to do...i have a client that wants wants to be able to use their browser to see a list of files that is on their web server.  After the client clicks on the specific file they want it to be submitted by form to a specific site.  I have already built out the drop down box with the dynamic list of files in the folder, but I have come to a stand still on being able to submit from the server.
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make sure that the first (default) option in the combo box is blank and put this serverside script near the top of your code:

if trim(request.form("ComboBoxName") <> "" then
end if

and make sure that the combobox is within the <FORM> tags.


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and when you submit the page with a value in the combobox you will be redirected to that page.

if the paths are wrong in the combobox then use a select case statement eg:

SELECT CASE request.form("ComboBoxName")
  case "File1"
  case "File2"

I Think What mmcrorey need is a way to transfer file between server like we usually do through ftp.

So have 2 choices: create ActiveX/Ole control by yourself that can perform ftp function or get it freely.

Go to for aspFTP component. that's all you need.
Take a look at my code, so you know that aspFTP is really your need:

<%@ LANGUAGE=VBScript %>
<!--#Include File=""-->
'check to see if user submitted form
If Request.Form("PutIt") <> "" Then
      Dim objFTP
      Dim strMsg

      'create reference to object
      Set objFTP = Server.CreateObject("NIBLACK.ASPFTP")

      'set the properties for the connection NOte: this is not a really setting
      objFTP.sServerName = "YourServerNameThatWillBeTransferredaFile"
      objFTP.sUserID = "anonymous"
      objFTP.sPassword = ""
      'connect to the host
      If objFTP.bConnect Then      
            'set the properties for the put function
            objFTP.lTransferType = TRANSFER_TYPE_ASCII

            'now transfer the file
            If objFTP.bPutFile("c:\myfilet.txt", "myfile.txt") Then
                'transfer was successful
                strMsg = "Transfer Successful!"
                'Transfer failed...let user know
                strMsg = "Put Failed: " & objFTP.sError
            End If
            'connection failed...let user know
            strMsg = "Connection Failed: " & objFTP.sError      
      End If
      'clean up...
      Set objFTP = Nothing
      'default return msg
      strMsg = ""
End If


This example uses the Put method (bPutFile). All parameters
required for receiving a file are explicitly defined in the ASP code.<br>

<%If strMsg <> "" Then%>
Return Message: <%=strMsg%><br>
<%End If%>

<form action="AspFTP2_Put.asp" method="post">
<input type="submit" name="PutIt" value="Put File">

Easy, Isn't it??And you can deploy that into your actual project OK

hope this helps
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mmcroreyAuthor Commented:
Can this work the same way by posting the information from one server to a specific url?
Specific URL? You mean specific directory in another server? You should read the documentation in aspFTP component OK, Have got it??

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