Windows osr2 does not shutdown properly

Recently I have installed 4 computers with windows osr2. 3 of them used ATX power, and these 3 will not shutdown properly. Sometimes they will shutdown fine and turn themselves off, but most of the time they will hang on the windows screen where it says it is getting ready to shutdown (blue screen with scrolling bit at bottom), also sometimes it just takes ages to shut down i.e. just stays for ages on the bllue scrolling bit. I am assuming that it is something to do with atx power as the other computer i installed was at AT and i used the same version of windows on it.
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Try going into msconfig from the run command. click the advanced tab and check the disable fastshutdown box.
See if your atx's will shutdown normally.
The dissable fast shut down will most likly work I have also herd there is an update at microsoft...  at
DC, go to this URL:

And download and install this patch:

Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement
502 KB | 4 Min @ 28.8
Addresses shutdown issues on systems with specific hardware/software configurations running Windows 98 Second Edition. These issues include systems restarting when selecting shutdown and systems hanging on shutdown.  

Let me know how you make out!

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dcollisAuthor Commented:
Thats perfect, thanks. I think its a problem with IRQ steering, as m/bs are virtually the same i think i need a bios upgrade.
Okay, let me know if you need help with the Bios issues. If the PC's still hang, click Start, Run and type in MSCONFIG and click OK. Go to the Startmenu tab and uncheck everything except for explorer and systray and then reboot and test the PC. If it shuts down normally, then add back one item and repeat the process. This will point you to the source of the shutdown hang.
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