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I have a Panasonic KXp2123 Dot matrix printer connected to my network via a HP-Jetdirect print server. I can send some print jobs to the printer; however, only one or two print jobs will print and my que still has print jobs waiting to print. Sometimes I can restart the printer daemon and sometimes  printing will start. I have RedHat 6.1 installed and I configured my printer with the printtool utility. I can ping the print server consistently. I have another printer( made by Kyocera) that I can print to consistenly. It has its own built in print server.
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foxrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try disabling bi-directional mode on the JetDirect box.  Also go with the standard parallel prot setting (epp or AT?) as opposed to ecc or one of the new modes.  It appears that your printer is unable to buffer your full job and is not operating any type of compatible flow control with you print queue.  Your other printer (with built-in server) apparently has it's own built in buffer that can handle the size of your jobs.  
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