Mechanical linkage modeling program needed

I need a graphical representation of mechanical linkages.  Can't find a time out there in cyberville except hi-end CAD/CAM stuff.

I did already try a program called Universal Mechanism Junior, but it either doesn't allow what I need or I just couldn't figure it out :(
The program I envision is like a simple drawing program, or even select, drag and place pre-drawn components in the right locations.  You would need arms (adjustable lengths) , joints, bellcranks, pivots, cable, cranks, pulleys etc.  Just the simple stuff.  Don't need any stress and strain data (yet). It should be able to connect parts and then simulate moving a lever for example or applying other forces and loads and watch the complete assembly move to test throw, leverage, range, etc.

I dabbled in machine code and basic on a C64 many years ago, but have no idea even which language to learn to program something like this on a PC running win95.

If anyone knows of (or can write) something like this, please let me know.  Besides my need for it I could see a big demand for it in the education of basic mechanics in schools.

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One of my Large projects in last 9 years was something, like you
describe, but in Pneu/Hydro motion.
It was ~ 2 years (in Dos, but with many breaks), and so in Windows
(in more breaks). For programming
i use C++, and full code is ~ 300000
lines!(with comments and docs).
Nobody don't post you such code
(i think), and it is useless(for his size). I recommend you
1. Chouse lang/compiler
( VB or C++ or Delfi, or BC or VC,..)
2. and write!
  What lang is best fit for you target?
  I think, it is VB: becouse you
have used Basic beforehand,
and you don't need speed of Apps,
but more speed of programming!
hardlockAuthor Commented:
Thanks Alex, if someone can't find me something already out there, I may try taking a crack at VB.
After more than 1.5 month and no more
comments, i repete my advice: see
my previous comment.

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