running a perl-program in an other program.

Is there possibility to call pl or a dll -program from a Perl-Program for Win32. I have found a command named system for unix, i'am looking for a command for Windows32.
$status = system("vi $meinedatei") -
this is Unix-form. I'am looking for Win32-form. Thank you.
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allymConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can call "system" on win32 and execute a command that you would have typed at the command prompt, just like on unix.

On NT/win9x, you would run "notepad" or "edit" instead of vi.  

If you get active perl for NT, then the doc includes info on the win32 APIs, including process control (create a new process, suspend a process, resume/kill/setpriority, etc) whgich should give you more than enough to get something working.  "use Win32::Process; use Win32; "

HandschuhAuthor Commented:
I want to run a Shell-Script, i'am wondering how can I run this Script, what is the command for that.
$status = system("notepad $meinedatei");
this is appropriate in order to see the file. I want to run.
Thank you
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