SNMP newbee question

Do you know any source from where i can get the source code for the Pdu's (get,getnext,set,getresponse,trap).I am implementing these pdu's to manage a system on a linux network using linux socket programming.
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try the source for the CMNU SNMP Daemon which should come with your linux distribution...
sriram123Author Commented:
I am implementing the pdu's(ie writing
code for get,getnext,set,getresponse,
trap.If u know any source where i can find code/code samples in 'c'.Pl.let me know
try the source for the CMNU SNMP package which should come with
your linux distribution... there is snmp-get/set and snmpwalk with it, and it is c...
otherwise ask freshmeat
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sriram123Author Commented:
   u have not understood my question
sriram123Author Commented:
   u have not understood my question
Here's the content and overview  of the snmp RPM form the SuSE 6.2 CD's...

Name        : snmp                         Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version     : 3.6                               Vendor: SuSE GmbH, Nuernberg, Germany
Release     : 4                             Build Date: Fri Jul 23 01:50:31 1999
Install date: Sun Sep  5 01:27:48 1999      Build Host:
Group       : unsorted                      Source RPM: snmp-3.6-4.src.rpm
Size        : 626154                           License: Copyright 1988, 1989 by Carnegie Mellon University
Packager    :
Summary     : CMU SNMP
Description :
SNMP is the Simple Network Management Protocol of the
Internet defined as a standard in RFC 1155 and 1157 and 1901
up to 1908. The protocol allows mainly to retrieve and set
variables, addressed as objects in the MIB (Management
Information Base).  The well-known MIB-2 is defined in RFC
1213 and contains variables related to the TCP/IP protocol

    Erik Schoenfelder <>

So get the source of it (, install it with RPM -vhU, then You'll find the source tarball in /usr/src/packages/SOURCES (assuming a SuSE system, on redhat it would be in /usr/src/redhat/...

as there are binaries for snmpget etc in the binary RPM, there should be the source of them in the source RPM, shouldn't it??

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