Change Printer Page Size

How can I change the size of printer page?
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StefanZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Start-> Settings -> Control Panel _> Printer -> properties -> Paper Size -> Change the size -> APPLY
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this is for WIndows 9X Windows NT Windows 3.1x
for dos it depends
for linux also
What OS?  If Windows based try going into My Computer->Printers then locate the printer you want to change the paper size on.  Depending on the printer depends on how you make it remember the size.
When you click the right mouse button while pointing to the printer you may have an option called 'Document Defaults'.  If you do, inside of here you can change the paper size.  Other wise you would change inside of the printer program by selecting 'Properties' when you click the right mouse button.
Your answer is not 100% correct.  I use HP 722C printer on NT and you can not change the paper size here, only under the Document Defaults as I described.  Also I told the user where to go if he did not have Document Defaults.  Original thinking on your part would be nice.
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