How many CD's is Windows 2000?

Does anyone know how many CD's Windows 2000 is at present? The number for each release would be good. ie. Beta2, Beta3, etc
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bciccoloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just one CD.
beta 1
beta 2
beta 3
RC 1
RC 2 (present)
RC 3 (this or next week)
simonprrAuthor Commented:
I asked : how many cd's is windows 2000 come on??

NOT what releases are out!
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simonprrAuthor Commented:
Ok, i now have some version of Windows 2000 professional. It says it's build 2114. which one is this?
You should be more clear when you ask a question. What do you want to know?

1. The number of physical CDs Windows 2000 comes on?

2. The number of releases of Windows 2000, their names, and the build numbers?

3. The types of Windows 2000 exist (i.e., Professional, Advanced Server, etc.)?

Please be more specific. You seem to have asked three questions. The first was vague. The second was more specific (and I am waiting for an evaluation on my proposed answer). The third is different still from the first two.
simonprrAuthor Commented:
Your answer is correct. If i grade it it will close this question and i won't know the answer to my next question (below).

First of all i wanted to know how many physical cd's windows 2000 comes on and your right.

Now I have it, i just want to know what version i have as i've got build 2114.
Is this service release 2 or 3? or a beta? Although it doesn't say beta anywhere on it.
build 2114 is beta3 Release Candidate 1
simonprrAuthor Commented:
cheers everyone!
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