Pictures is cgi-bin dir do not show up!


I have a question:

When I place my pictures I use for my script in the cgi-bin dir they do not show up.
When I place them outsite of the cgi-bin dir it workes fien.

Why is this??
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Could you perhaps post the code which is meant to display the pictures?

Your web server has been configured to assume that all things requested from the cgi-bin are executable scripts.

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mmcwAuthor Commented:
Images can not be used when they are placed into my cgi-bin dir? Is that correct?
Or is there a way to use them anyway?
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How are you trying to use them?
mmcwAuthor Commented:
It are pictures and I want to use them in the htmlout of the script!
This sounds like you are calling the pics with a url like,  Most web servers will try to execute mymug.jpg which will return a broken image if the mymug.jpg is truly an image.  You can try setting the file permission on the image to 644 so that the execution bit is not on, but I doubt that would solve your problem.  The only way to get around this would be to put the images in a non script aliased directory or make your images little perl scripts which print out a content type of image/jpeg and then open the real image file and print away.
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