apple II emulator

Hi all,
   Has anyone used applepc_2.04 or appleuni for apple II emulation?
   Just wondering if anyone know what commands to issue to run a program under these apple II emulators?
for examples, load, run, catalog or what? I don't remember about the disk images and stuffs like that!

Does anybody remember... back in the old days?

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whlukAuthor Commented:
I'm now using the apple-][ emulator (appleuni)
I don't quite understand the concepts behind disk images.
I got an apple game called "world" there are 3 files in the same directory with the emulator
they are world, q1text.dat and a readme file. When I get into the emulator
I try issueing "load world", "bload world", "run world", "brun world",
but neither works.

so what does the readme file say?
whlukAuthor Commented:
The readme file doesn't say anything about how to load the program at all...
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The best and easiest to use Apple 2 emulator is called "catakig." It's also free. I recommend that you try catakig.

Get it at:
whlukAuthor Commented:
ls it workable on PCs?
The only commands I ever used to run a program on a II/plus/e, were run, or brun.  Load and bload were just for viewing code, along with list, I think.  If your image loads properly into the emulator, but you're stuck at the II prompt, it should be run, or brun, or you could use IN#6 to reboot within the emulated AppleII

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whlukAuthor Commented:
But It couldn't find the file to be run.
it just said 'path not found'
And the program was there!

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