Partitioning without destroying current data

Hi All,

  I have a 19 GB hard drive with Windows98.  But now that I have everything configured to my liking,  I have a need to make a new partition on the hard drive.  I noticed that there is a small logical drive D that has some boot files.  How can I create a new partition without destroying my current data on the logical C and D drives?
  No third party software allowed please.

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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, there _IS_ a way of doing it without a reformat but _YOU_ ruled that option out.
There is only Third party software....that can do what you asks.
For example "partition magic".
One other thins is doing a Ghost image of C or/and D. and make a CD of the images
Format the drive with FDISK as you wish, and restore the images afterwards...
A third option is to install a second HArddrive..Boot from a WIN98 bootdisk
do a xcopy ..(se for the exact parameters for win98) from one drive to another..)

Thats it..simple.
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
Well,  I appreciate your input.  However,  I have heard some say that I need not third party tools to do this.  So,  I will see if someone can answer this without needing one.
Thanks for your input.  I've got no cash to buy anything.
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Since you won't allow any 3rd party software, then you must do it the hard way.

1)Backup everything.  I'd recommend doing it 2X.

2) Run FDISK and make the partitions the way you want them

3) FORMAT the new partition(s).

4) Restore everything from your backup.

If it were me, however, I'd get Partition Magic (or similar) and save a lot of headaches!  But hey, it's your life...
Yo.. you can back everything from withint win98..beacuse the backup won't backup open files.... you must do that in a DOS environment then... so it is mutch esier to do a xcopy to antoher drive..
But doing a backup needs a backup  program and tapes... cost plenty more than partition magic.
Psss.. When you are tired of trying to do this in another way that those I have told you, please give me the credit.
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
Are you sure there is no way of doing this without reformatting the hard drives?
Thanks.  I will definately think about what you said.
I have to agree with jhance. If you don't wish to use any third party tools (by far the easiest way), I would follow the steps that he has outlined (Harder, but it definately works)

>>Are you sure there is no way of doing this without reformatting the hard drives?

You can be quite sure Jhance is right. Niether Windoze nor DOS offer tools to deal with partitions, no more than what the stupid FDISK does. Thus, you must go for external software, as the aforementioned P.M. (or Tiramisu).

Even working with that specialized software it's ALWAYS recommended to make a double backup (you know, a power fail during the process may leaves you, as we say, "without the bread and without the pie")'; a second copy on a CD can cost you less than 5 bux, but no copy at all will surely cost you several weeks/months/years of work.
So.. that means Im right? heheh
Yo DoughBoy, I don't like to sound rud or anything.. but.. I have tried It myself...No reformatting and no 3rd party Software = No repartitioning
DoughBoyAuthor Commented:
Then I will give you the points.  I was talking more with some other people, and now it sounds as if they are consistent with you all here.
Thanks very much for your help.
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