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I have windows 95 and browser snap 3com when I log into hotmail.com it comes up and I trying see my e-mail and it take a long time and then error message come up ( server has reset it self ) and I try it again and the same thing, also it happens in Yahoo.com.  
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red_horse99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I think this problem is very often happens on hotmail and yahoo mail.
It's almost happened because a network problem, or the mail server's problem, don't mind. You just rigest later, it will fixed by themself.
If you think the mail is emergency, you can try to use TELNET to receive it.
It's more convenience, but only to the mail sent by mail agency except Outlook.
The coding method of Outlook is different from the others, you maybe can not see the word you want to see in the mail received by TELNET.
This only can be done on a POP server.
You can run TELNET on "start-run-" just type "telnet" to run it.
This is a program provided by WINDOWS.
may be its problem with your browser settings. for hotmail i would suggest to use IE. rest .. i don't know exactly. : ( .
have you tried with IE4 or later ??
rculbertsonAuthor Commented:
Ok i will try Outlook.

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