Can no longer restart computer in MS-DOS mode

When I shutdown my computer by choosing
"Restart in MS-DOS Mode",  I go to a blank
screen with the cursor blinking in the upper
left hand corner of the screen.  Restarting in
MS-DOS mode has been no problem in the past.
This problem has just started.
How do I correct this situation so that I can
shutdown to MS-DOS mode?
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jakesbarAuthor Commented:
Things I have tried (to no avail):
Restored earlier versions of

deleted the "Exit to Dos.pif" file, shutdown to
MS-DOS mode, where it hung up; new "Exit to Dos.pif"
file was created, though.  This didn't work.

I have recently installed an ethernet card for DSL.  Thought
this might have created the problem.  Uninstalled it.
Still had the problem
Try changing your video card driver to "Standard VGA", and see if you can then shutdown to DOS Mode.
jakestar if you have an usb device connected to computer disconnect it and try starting to dos prompt,,,this is a problem with some computer configurations and microsoft knows this,,you can check their troubleshooting site and see if there is a fix for your device.

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Can you do a normal shutdown? If you can, then the problem is probably 98 trying to switch a driver from protected mode to real mode.

You may also have some piece of software that is refusing to terminate gracefully. First, make sure any visibly running apps are shut down - then do and End Task on everything except Systray and Explorer.

Assuming that you still cannot shut down to dos mode, go into System Properties/Profiles and copy an existing hw profile to Test.
Reboot and when prompted for a profile, select Test.

Then go to the Device manager tab and into the properties of each device and disable them in the current (Test) profile.

Reboot to Test again. At this point you will be not using any Protected Mode device drivers - see if you can shut down to dos mode now. If you can, start re-enabling devices until you find the offending driver.
Quick15, you've been at this site in excess of a year and should know better than to post a guess (comment) as an answer, thereby blocking this question. Since you are already aware of this procotol, then please observe it as a courtesy to the person asking the question.
Jakesbar, give these methods a try and let me know what you find.

Method 1
Disable the damaged or incompatible real-mode driver line in the Dosstart.bat
file by placing the word "rem" (without quotation marks) at the beginning of the
line. To determine which line is the correct line to disable:
WARNING: If you disable a terminate and stay resident (TSR) program in the
Dosstart.bat file, it is not available in MS-DOS mode. The device for which the
TSR is loaded may not work in MS-DOS mode.
1. Use a text editor (such as Notepad) to open the Dosstart.bat file in the
   Windows folder.
2. Place the word "rem" (without quotation marks) at the beginning of all of the
   lines in this file, click Save on the File menu, and then restart your
   computer in MS-DOS mode. If the issue still occurs, a damaged or incompatible
   real-mode driver loading from the Dosstart.bat file is not the cause, and you
   should continue troubleshooting this issue. If the issue does not occur, one
   of the entries you disabled in the Dosstart.bat file is the cause of the
   issue, and you should continue to step 3.
3. Use a text editor (such as Notepad) to open the Dosstart.bat file in the
   Windows folder. Enable one of the lines you disabled with the remark
   statement (rem) by removing the word "rem" from the line, saving the file,
   and then restarting your computer in MS-DOS mode. If the issue is resolved,
   the line you enabled is the damaged or incompatible real-mode driver. If the
   issue is not resolved, repeat this process of enabling a line, saving the
   file, and testing, except enable the next line that is disabled. Repeat this
   process until you have tested all the lines in the Dosstart.bat file or have
   identified the damaged or incompatible real-mode driver line. When you
   identify the problem line, leave the line disabled.
Method 2
Configure your computer to start to a command prompt when you choose to restart
in MS-DOS mode:
1. Click Start, point to Find, and then click "Files or Folders".
2. In the Named box, type "*.pif" (without the quotation marks), and then press
3. Right-click the "Exit to DOS.pif" file, and then click Properties.
4. Click the Program tab, and then click the Advanced tab.
5. Click to select the "Specify a new MS-DOS configuration" check box, and then
   click OK.

Method 3
This issue can occur if your video adapter requires an interrupt request (IRQ)
in MS-DOS mode, but your computer's BIOS does not assign one to it.
Windows 98 Second Edition includes updates for Advanced Configuration and Power
Interface (ACPI), OnNow, and Advanced Power Management (APM) and may require the
latest BIOS upgrade.

Method 4

This problem can occur because:
 - The computer could hang at the shutdown screen intermittently, because the
   Apmbatt.sys component is not responding to the system shutdown notification
   from the operating system and could enter an endless loop.
 - The computer could hang with a black screen because of the method in which
   IRQ holders for the video adapter are configured at boot time and disabled
   during shutdown by the Pci.vxd component.
 - The fast shutdown option modified by Msconfig.exe contains a code path in
   which the computer could reboot instead of properly shutting down or quitting
   to MS-DOS.
If you are running Windows 98 Second Edition, the Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement addresses shutdown issues on computers with specific hardware and software configurations running Windows 98 Second Edition.
Microsoft recommends you troubleshoot these issues using the steps outlined in
the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
   Q238096 How to Troubleshoot Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Problems
After you follow the steps outlined in the article listed above, and if the
computer continues to exhibit shutdown problems, download and install the
Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement at the following Microsoft Web
The English-language version of this software update should have the following
file attributes or later:
   Date      Time    Version      Size    File name    
   08/11/99  10:32a  4.10.2223     59,392 Msconfig.exe
   08/11/99  10:41a  4.10.2223     65,919 Pci.vxd
   08/11/99  10:46a  4.10.2223      4,384 Apmbatt.sys
   04/23/99  10:22p  4.10.2222    125,057 Configmg.vxd
   07/22/99  11:12a               240,797 Tshoot98.chm

jakestar guess i'm sorry for posting an answer that should have been a guess, but if you have an usb device unhook it and give boot to dos a try before picking your system apart......
sorry dennis just wasn't thinking will correct in future.....quick15
jakesbarAuthor Commented:
Evidently quick 15 posted a guess as an answer, against the
site's protocol.

I have no USB devices on my computer.  The suggestion
was not relevant to me, appreciated, however.

dew associates made suggestions that allowed me to
solve the problem.  They should receive my 200 points.
Thanks Jakesbar! I'll refer to the above comments as the solution to your issue.

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okay jakesbar glad u got it working that is what this site is for, i had the same problem and it was usb device,,,,thxs..quick15
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