PST over 2GB

I have a user with his personal folder(Exchange) over 2GB, and it won't open anymore! What I understand from Microsoft is that PST files will corrupt after the 2GB limit. I don't know how true is this, as I have another user over 2GB and still working.

I've tried Inbox Repair Tools to repair the PST file, but it won't work. Is there any other software that I can use to repair?
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think there are any other PST maintenance tools. The 2GB limit is the one published in TechNet so it maybe a fluke that you've got another user with a PST greater than 2GB. Either way it's pretty dangerous to keep that much data in a PST file.

Have you run ScanDisk on the drive containing the user's PST file? Also, is there anyway that you could store the user's data on your Exchange Server (from the context of your post it looks like you've got one)? As far as I've seen it's a lot safer (and the Exchange Server has higher storage capacity).
wanghdAuthor Commented:
Thanks anyways. We have exchange server, but we have about more than 2000 users. so there's no way we can put them in the server.
Just a comment but the Exchange Server is better at managing space in mailboxes than PSTs. If you use mailboxes then things like single instance storage come into play (items sent to multiple users on the same Exchange Server are only stored once and each user gets a pointer to it).
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