Unattended ntbackup must login ?

When I schedule an ntbackup on a NT Server 4SP4, the system must have someone logged in at the scheduled time when ntbackup is run.  Otherwise the ntbackup will not run correctly ( it doesn't backup anything and can't even generate a log) and will leave a NTBACKUP.EXE in the processes which I cannot terminate using task manager (I have to reboot to kill the process).  Is ntbackup only run when logged in or I miss something here ?
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Krishna_r19Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi c7222,
         To perform backup the user must have appropraite permissions. So the user must be a member of 'Backup Operators' or 'Administrators' group. To terminate that process use 'TLIST.EXE' and 'KILL.EXE' provided in the resource kit. Alternatively simply submit task manager to start one minute in the future using the AT command or even better using the Resource Kit SOON.EXE utility:

C:\> soon 30 /interactive taskmgr

In 30 seconds task manager will be displayed and you will be able to kill the NTBACKUP process.
                    - Krishna
Seams that the ntbackup start at your specified time and goes into a error. Because it can pop-up a window with the error so the ntbackup.exe freeze...
You have to kill the task manually.

If you only backup local drives you should run the schudule service with the local administrator account.

If you also backup network ressources you should connect in a batch file (startet from the schedule) to the ressources with net use..... and correct usernames. Next run in this batch the ntbackup.exe.

Hi Krishna,
do you think this is the correct answer?
c722 must decide....


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c722Author Commented:
hi cbo,Krishna,

  The whole script runs with no problem if I type it.  The schedule is run from an administrator account so should not have any permission problem.  I know it is because ntbackup fails but don't know it fails where.
In WinNT Resource Kit CD, there's an AutoLogon tool.
I can't remember correctly but I know that tool is exists. This tool use for Backup schedule.
Read the NT help file for more Info.
I have a simpler solution here.
Add /interactive to the "at" command that starts the unattended backup this will allow the error to be displayed and
cleared as required.
The problem is that the schedual does
not interact with the desktop and is
waiting for a user response.
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