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Hello i am new to linux and i am an expert online gamer. I have just installed redhat 6.0 on a new machine and have my 98 machine runnign through it for the internet. I would like to play my Favorite game Total Annihilation but i can't host or join games cause of port problems. But i don't know how to set it up i have this information about direct play to work through a firewall.
Setup for Client Firewall Support Using the DirectPlay Dynamic Range
To join a game through a firewall, the client must be using DirectX 6.0 or
later and communicating with a host using DirectX 6.0 or later. To support
applications using the DirectPlay dynamic range, a firewall administrator
needs to allow an initial outbound TCP connection on port 47624, with
subsequent connections of inbound TCP ports 2300-2400, outbound TCP ports
2300-2400, inbound UDP ports 2300-2400, and outbound UDP ports 2300-2400.
For a chart highlighting these requirements, see the Dynamic Range Port
Reference Chart.

Example of a Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 Configuration:

Internet Service Manager, Windows Sockets Proxy service: Service Properties
Add protocol "DirectPlay (client)" under Protocols tab.
Initial connection
47624 TCP Outbound
Subsequent connections
2300-2400 TCP Inbound
2300-2400 TCP Outbound
2300-2400 UDP Inbound
2300-2400 UDP Outbound
Give appropriate permissions to "DirectPlay (client)" under Permissions tab.
Add to file "mspclnt.ini", which is in the C:\Msp\Clients folder by default.
[Common Configuration]

If anyone could help me and where to start it would be great
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You are  not going to be able to do this through IP Chains( can give reason but is long). I think if you setup Proxy instead like Socks5 you will be able to run the games.
..if the games support socks5 that is ;)
You may want to try this and see if it works:
ipchains -M -S 7200 10 60
ipchains -s -d -j MASQ
ipmasqadm autofw -A -r tcp 47624 47624
ipmasqadm autofw -A -r tcp 2300 2400
ipmasqadm autofw -A -r udp 2300 2400

   Keep in mind this is a very vulnerable ruleset, but you may want to start here to see if this will do what you want and then go back and start denying/rejecting what you don't need.

  --- Joel

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Oh, in my answer - replace the with your proper internal network number and subnet bit mask.  

  --- Joel
dreadAuthor Commented:
Umm what files do i do this in i have the set rules printed out for IP packet forwarding but dont't know where to start :(
Just add the lines from my answer in a new text file and then make it executable (chmod 700) for root only and then type the name of the file (may have to say "./nameoffile" w/o the quotes.  To have it automatically start each time the machine is rebooted, try adding it to whatever script you want to run it or one of the end scripts such as "rc.local" in RedHat.

   --- Joel
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