When installing software sometimes i get the message C drive out of space, or words of that effect. I have about 4Gb left and its a new machine so everything is fresh ie defrag not needed. Sometimes it comes up also when i try to print?
Any ideas?
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strang... try doing a chkdsk /F in DOS... if you are using win9x. otherwise do a check hard drive in NT and reboot.
It seems like something is taking plenty more space that it should.. whitch os do u use??
I guess you are using NT with NTFS.. because you can't have more that 2 GB for FAT16, ..
For NT -remove the swapfile reboot and ad it again...
or may be due to some virus activity. try to run anti-virus and then check it.
Some (mostly older) software is written incorrectly and interprets too much free space as too little.  There is not much you can do about it other than to complain to the software manufacturer and get an update.

One technique I've used when forced to install such a program was to fill up most of the disk with a "junk" file so that only a small amout of space was left.  Then you can install the software and later delete the junk file.

It's kind of ugly but usually does the job.
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i guess it is the recycle bin problem. sometimes when u deleted some files it still keep in your recycle bin and when u check the space left in your C drive it shows a lot of space in fact there is only very few space left in the C drive. try to clean your bin!
all possibilities above may be there. but i have faced a similar problem few months ago. it was showing 40 mb free space, but actually there was 27mb free space. what happend was some directory was created like dir0000, dir 00001 and so on. and inside that file00000.000, file 00001.000 like this. and those were taking lots of spaces, but the size of files was showing 0 bytes. and after that i came to know that that was due to some file virus. i removed that with mac affee. so may be similar case with you. so check thoroughly your directory structures and if u find some unusual file or dir names, then delete it. may be it'll be not deleted and will give a message that file or dir not exists. so try to run an antivirus. if this is not the case, then try to run scandis,including suface scans too and then try defragment ur disk. hope u can find the solution.
and about recycle bin problem, yup , if u r damn sure about not to store ur files in recyclebin after deleting, then instead of simply deleting the file, keep shift key pressed while deleting file. it will permanently delete it without storing it in recycle bin.
and about junk files, well u should periodically delete all files stored in windows\temp  and temporary internet files and empty recycle bin for more disk spaces.
So... back to basic now again.. chkdsk /f should fix the problem..
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Thanks for your comments

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Fat16 filesystems used to throw this error when there were 512 entries in the root directory, I don't know the limit for fat32, maybe you have hit it though.
>>Fat16 filesystems used to throw this error when there were 512 entries in the root directory

The disk has over 4 Gb free, so, it can not be FAT-16 'cause it does not allow disks higher than 2 Gb

>>I don't know the limit for fat32, maybe you have hit it though.

FAT-32 imposes no limit, as -16 did.
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