Mail divertion


Can anyone suggest how to divert mails send to a particular group.


We have a group called "All users"for All the users in our company. I am looking for some sort of mail divertion so that whatever the mails registered for this group should first come to Administrator and then administrator should have the right to see whether that mail has to be broadcast to all users.

Any suggestions or comments are welcomed.

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If the group is in the same domain and the group is in the same server then you cannot stop or scan the mail before it is being sent.

If the group is on a different server then you can trap the mail in the and do something on it.

Otherwise the router delivers it directly.  No means of stopping.

Perhaps you could do what we did on our system (not NOTES based); we hid the "All User" group from public view, and sent out a notice to all users requesting that any submission for all users be submitted first to the system administrator.  This change was forced by what became known as the Belgian Waffle incident.  The cafeteria manger started sending out the daily specials to ... you guessed it "all users".  Some of the VIP's were put off by the notice of "Belgian Waffle Day".  Oh well...
Shoeb_786Author Commented:
Thanks for your comments

We can hide Group from getting displayed but in Notes, when a new mail is composed the names get resolved as per the first-letter typed,

So even though that group would have been hidden the mails could be sent

Try this.

Create a group all users and add only administrator's name to it.
Create a personal group in the administrators machine.

So whenever a group mail is addressed it goes to the administrator and he can decide wether to send it to the group or not.

Fairly simple is'nt ?


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