how do i auto delete tha data in the mdb file ?

i has 1 mdb file. name abc.mdb.

now i want to put a code in the command botton that can delete all
the data inside that file by presing just one botton.

how ?
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You mean delete the whole file? if so use
JOHNHOAuthor Commented:
nope, it just delete all the data inside that file not delete the whole file.

lets say i has abc.mdb and inside it has 10 data, and now i want to delete that 10 data so that i can key in a new data inside that abc.mdb.

This will delete all records from all tables within any given MDB file...

Public Sub KillAllData(byval DataFile as String)
   dim DB as Database
   dim TD as Tabledef

   on error goto Oops
   set DB = OpenDatabase(DataFile,true,false) ' exclusive open

   for each TD in Database.Tabledefs
      if td.Attributes and dbSystemObject then
         ' System table, skip it
         db.execute "Delete * from " &
      end if
   next TD
   on error resume next
   set db = nothing
   exit sub
   msgbox err & ", " & err.description
   resume Done
end sub

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If you are using the ADO object model for your data access, and you have a connection object (let's call it "connDB") instantiated,  then all you need to do is something like this:

Dim sSQL As String
ssQL = "Delete from MyTable1"
connDB.Execute sSQL
ssQL = "Delete from MyTable2"
connDB.Execute sSQL
[etc., for each table to be cleared]

Remember, you have to create the connection first by instantiating connDB and setting properties as required for your purposes.
Dim Db As DataBase
Db.Execute " delete from Customers"
This Will Delete All Records Stored In Table Customers
You can repeat It for All Tables In A single Command Button

I Hope It Works With You
Good Luck
well use the select statement

dim db as database
dim rs as recordset

set db = opendatabase(mm.mdb)
set rs  = db.opendatabase("select * From mm.mdb")

db.execute = db.execute "Delete * from mm.mdb"

all tha best

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