how to recover lost data ??

I installed a harddrive and partitioned it using dos command. Later my antivirus s/w thought the change in the bootsector was a virus and deleted it. Now I cannot access the harddrive. Is it possible to recover the data on the disk? the data is important to me, so i can't format the disk at any cost.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best solution would be to just recover your data from your backup...

Assuming now that you don't have a backup, there are some tools (like Norton Utilities) which can attempt to recover the partition table and might be worth a try.  They are not foolproof and you might not get anything back.  If the data is valuable and you have money to pay for recovery, there are a number of companies who can recover most or all of your data for a fee.  OnTrack Data is one of these that advertises in computer mags a lot and I've heard that they do a good job.  It's not cheap but it can be less expensive than living without the data.
mohitdasAuthor Commented:
i do know about norton and other antiviruses too and even i have tried norton to recover, but its of no use.didn't work out. i do know about outside vendors, but i wanted to try that myself. so if u do have any solution, then provide. otherwise its ok. thanx for ur proposed answer.
Recovery is possible if You don't write in meantime on disk. Try to find some professional who can recovery data for You, or try to help yourself with some good Data Recovery software (Tiramisu or Lost&Found).

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