This should be a no-brainer for seasoned VB people:

strMyArray() has three elements, containing "A", "Z", and "M".

Without writing my own sorting routine, how do I sort them, and, in this particular case, how do I sort them descending?

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OK, you don't have to write your own sorting routine, I did it for you:

Public Sub SortArray(fList as variant)
Dim fSortedList() as String
Dim i as Long
Dim j as Long
Dim k as Long

if Not IsArray(fList) then Exit Sub

ReDim fSortedList(0) As String

fSortedList(0) = fList(0)
For i = 1 To UBound(fList)
    ReDim Preserve fSortedList(i) As String
    fSortedList(i) = fList(i)
    j = i - 1
    k = i
    Do While j > -1
       If fSortedList(k) > fSortedList(j) Then
          Exit Do
          Match = fSortedList(j)
          fSortedList(j) = fSortedList(k)
          fSortedList(k) = Match
          k = j
        End If
        j = j - 1
Next i

Form i = 0 to UBound(fList)
    fList(i) = fSortedList(i)
Next i

Erase fSortedList
End Sub

You could call this :

Dim vArray as variant

vArray = Array("M", "C", "Z")
Opps, if you wanted to allow for sorting in either direction, then you might want to include an optional parameter in the Sub:

Public Sub SortArray(fList as variant, Optional Desc as boolean)

Then, at the bottom of the routine, change it to read:

If Desc Then
   For i = 0 to UBound(fList)
       fList(UBound(fList) - i) = fSortedList(i)
   Next i
   For i = 0 to UBound(fList)
       fList(i) = fSortedList(i)
   Next i
End If
Erase fSortedList
End Sub
Option Explicit

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim MyArray
    MyArray = Array("A", "Z", "M")
    Call SortDecending(MyArray)
    Debug.Print MyArray(0); MyArray(1); MyArray(2)
End Sub

Private Function SortDecending(a)
    Dim i, j As Long
    Dim tmp
    For i = 1 To UBound(a)
        For j = 0 To UBound(a)
            If LCase(a(i)) > LCase(a(j)) Then
                temp = a(j)
                a(j) = a(i)
                a(i) = temp
            End If
    SortDecending = a
End Function

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Simple sort for a few elements is trivial if you use the listbox control. Set it to sorted and read it out. You want descending, read from the bottom up. Simple to code and always works.

Dreaming_EagleAuthor Commented:
Ah, so there is not a sort array function...:)  I could have done this myself, but I did think I would have to.  However, Eric's routine was short, easy to implement, so I am giving him the points.  I wish I could split them between you, because they are both good answers...

Due to lazyness, I use a sorted list box same as Mark2150's suggestion.

The list box is hidden, and I write a sub to wrap around it to sort.  The sub also accepts an optional asc or dsc as a boolean default to asc, to indicate asc or dsc order.  So I have a simple sub/function for sorting.
I liked Erics routine better myself.  I'd cut and pasted from a routine I'd used where I didn't want to change the sort in the original array, so I created a separate sorted array.  But in this case it was unnecessary.

I wouldn't give up on a built in sort function yet, there might be one in VB 6, I'll look this afternoon.

Dreaming_EagleAuthor Commented:
I thought I had already done this...sorry, and thanks to all for the good suggestions.
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