Root dir in JBuilder

Hi all,
I want to change the root dir of an apllication in JBuilder.

I got a package "de.git.xmlXml" in a folder (c:\temp\de.git.xmlXml). The project File is in c:\temp\. . My start class is in "c:\temp\de.git.xmlXml". The user.dir in JBuilder is "c:\temp\de.git.xmlXml" in J++ or VisualAge it is "C:\temp\.." How could I change the rootDir?

TIA Micha
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Paths page (Project Properties dialog box)

The Paths page of the Project Properties dialog box sets the following options:

JDK version to compile against
Source Root Path
Output Root Path
Java libraries to use when compiling

To set these options for the current project, choose Project|Properties. You can also right-click the project file in the navigation pane and choose the Properties command.

To set these options for all new projects, choose Project|Default Properties.

Target JDK Version

The version of the JavaSoft Java Development Kit (JDK) to use when compiling and running your project. JBuilder can compile and run against JavaSoft JDK versions 1.0 through 1.2.

Note: Depending on the features used in your application, there may be other restrictions on which JDK you can use. For example, for CORBA applications, you must use JDK 1.1.6 or later.

Click the Define button to display the Available JDK Versions dialog box, where you set up the items listed in the Target JDK Versions drop-down list.

Root Directories


The path the compiler searches for a source file. This is the root of the Source Path. Subdirectories below the root represent the package structure.

To add additional paths, separate them with a semicolon:
;Path 1;Path2


The path in which the compiler places .class files. This is sometimes referred to as the OutPath. Files are placed in a directory tree that is based on the package structure.

Java Libraries

The Java libraries to use when compiling. Libraries are searched in the order listed.

To add an already-defined Java library to the list, click the Add button, choose a library from the window that appears, and click OK. If you do not see the library you want to use, click the Libraries button (described below).

To remove a library, select the library and click the Remove button.

To switch the order of libraries, drag and drop them.

Click the Libraries button to display the Available Java Libraries dialog box, where you set up the list of available libraries.

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Building Applications with JBuilder: Setting project properties
If you want to see the full monty with pictures and all, it is here:
PROGRAMMING030999Author Commented:
Thanks for your answer Jod,
That is what I find in the help file and that didn't help me.

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There really isn't a lot esle to say about it.

Go to:

Paths page of the Project Properties dialog box

Look at:

Root Directories: Source (for the dir where JBuilder looks for the code files you are using)


Root Directories: Output to change the place where JBuilder puts the compiled code (class files)


change the source path to be the base dir (eg: c:\temp) where you want JBuilder to start looking for code files.

That's it.

Did you also want to move the project file somewhere else?

Also it is not a good idea to put 'dots' in your package name:


would normally translate to a package called


in a subdir of


So in your case you would have your source files in:


In java each dot represents another sub directory. This is how java separates code and packages apart from one another - they go in separate physical directories. Java will look for the code and if it is not in the subdir you specify then it won't work.

So I would change the name of your package or move it into this dir structure.

What is the specific problem you are having, anyway?

Does it not compile, run or do you just wish to move it?
Look here for further details on how packages are stored:

It's about halfway down when it starts talking about how packages are prganised on the computers hard disc but the whole chapter is useful anyway.

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PROGRAMMING030999Author Commented:
Thanx for the help Jod.
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